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It’s open-enrollment season!

Do you know how much your employer's life insurance covers? (Hint: It's probably not enough.) Employer-provided group term life insurance policies may seem like a lot of money, but don't always provide the right coverage for everyone. Fill out the contact form today...

Pet Donations Come show support and donate to Baypath Humane society of Hopkinton Nov 3rd through the 20th we have a...

Farmers Term Policies

  Term life insurance policies are designed to only cover a certain amount of time, for instance, to cover a 30 year mortgage, or to cover lost wages while raising a family. Premiums are much more affordable and many carriers may waive the standard medical exam...

Supplement your College Funding Strategy with Life Insurance

Supplement your College Funding Strategy with Life Insurance

The school bell is ringing! Kids are returning with bright colored backpacks filled with new supplies that seem to cost more and more each year. Although it’s hard to imagine, soon the expense of college will be here. Are you prepared? Did you know that life insurance...

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