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Auto & Home Insurance

Specializing in Personal Insurance and Finding Group Insurance Rates for Qualified Employees Across Massachusetts and Beyond

Affordable Independent Insurance

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Car Insurance

Flanagan Insurance Agency offers affordable car insurance at discounted employee group rates.
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Home Insurance

Flanagan Insurance Agency offers employee discounts for thousands of companies across Massachusetts.
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Pet Insurance

Get reimbursed up to 90% on your vet bills with our pet insurance plans from Pets Best.
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Life Insurance

We offer online portals to obtain life insurance policy quotes from several different life insurance companies.

Group Insurance Specialists

Flanagan Insurance Agency specializes in group insurance for employees, and we offer employee group insurance policies to thousands of companies throughout Massachusetts.

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Home Insurance

Save on homeowners insurance with employer-sponsored group policies.
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Auto Insurance

Save on automobile insurance with employer-sponsored group policies.
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Umbrella Insurance

Personal Excess Liability Policies (PELP), or umbrella policies, are available.
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Motorcycle Insurance

Flanagan Insurance provides free motorcycle insurance quotes.
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Boat Insurance

Flanagan Insurance Agency offers affordable boat insurance quotes for most marine vessels.
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Find Your Company

We offer group insurance policies for over 3,000 employers.

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Flanagan Insurance can help you save on auto and home insurance with employer-sponsored group auto insurance policies, as well as life, business, pet and recreation insurance options.

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