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Mar 30, 2023

You promised to provide your pet with the best care: from nutritious foods, squeaky toys and soft beds to routine vaccines, dental cleanings and vet care for unexpected health issues.Regular vet care is essential to keep pets healthy and happy, but those costs can add up. The average cost of an annual wellness visit is $169 for a cat and $192 for a dog, and costs to treat chronic conditions, illnesses or injuries are added expenses.1 In a recent survey, the American Veterinary Medical Association found that 15% of pet parents cited affordability and value as their primary reason for not scheduling vet visits in the past two years.1 Pet insurance can help.In 2021, nearly 4 million pets in the United States had pet insurance coverage—a 28% increase over 2020.2 Policies covered both routine visits and surgical care, giving pet parents peace of mind that their four-legged friends would receive the best care.2

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Source: Do All Vets Take Pet Insurance? | Pets Best

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